American Football Knee Injury

Is the knee supposed to be bent that way? LOL

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10 Responses to “American Football Knee Injury”

  1. ozzyr0cks81 says:

    omfg! and no its not and
    nice vid.

  2. penguinboy2007 says:

    McCallum’s cleat stuck in the ground, forcing his knee into a horrible dislocation. McCallum suffered a complete hyperextension of his left knee, almost to a right angle. He suffered a ruptured artery in his left knee, and tore three ligaments, tore the calf and hamstring from the bone, and suffered nerve damage in the knee.

  3. penguinboy2007 says:

    he never played again

  4. tequilajack123 says:


  5. roodpoo99 says:

    I remember watching this live on Monday night football. It was a preseason game. What got me the most is that is the same injury that ended my football career, but my ACL completely tore in half along with all of my ligaments but I was lucky to not have the artery damage and I only have some nerve damage.

  6. Acorbietto says:

    “Does it hurt when I do…THIS?”

  7. Drduffie214 says:


  8. Tubbs2Cool100 says:

    @roodpoo99 woah dude, my greatest sympathies to you. I had a meniscus tear and ended up fragmenting the end of my femur. The knee is such a crucial part of nearly every sport and whenever someone retire from injury or is out for 6+ months its always the ACL or a broken bone. I think people in general, should be aware of these things. To ensure lower quad and knee strength, and being light up top and having a good cardio to balance the stress on your knees. Also of turning, extending etc.

  9. Tubbs2Cool100 says:

    and sometimes its just completely situational – its perhaps an unfair risk, when you play sports. But everyone should take note of anticipation and decision making combined with fitness and soft-tissue strength and injury awareness and training, to prevent these life-long injuries.

  10. jdjk4 says:

    chuck norris would have walked it off

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