Five Essential Pieces of Football Equipment That the Pros Swear By

If you’re looking to develop your performance on the pitch, then making sure you have the right gear and equipment is a step in the right direction. All the top footballers know the importance of finding the correct boots for your feet and having the right thermal protection or moisture management, all of which help you to deliver the best performance from your body. Here are five pieces of equipment that are regarded as being the essentials in helping getting the very best from your game.

1. Having the right pair of football boots (not only for your feet but also for the type of ground you are playing on) is one of the main considerations when you gear up. If you are playing on soft grass, especially if it has been raining, then you need soft ground boots that have studs which will screw on, depending on just how much grip you will need. There are also boots for firmer and harder pitches, which have fixed shorter studs. The shorter studs give you the support and grip you need, especially when playing on astro-turf surfaces.

2. Good shin guards can mean the difference between having a slightly bruised shin, or a nasty gash (boot studs can do a lot of damage). Since your shins are one of the most important body parts in football, it makes sense to protect them. With new technologies in textiles you can get excellent comfort and protection, many of which now come as standard, while still getting that freedom of movement. Many have fabric that ‘breathes’ so that moisture is reduced whilst still keeping you cool and comfortable. Some brands come with ankle support, or you can opt for separate supports if that feels more comfortable. A good shin pad will absorb impacts while staying in place, but you can also get shin guard stays, which are elasticated sleeves that help fix them in place.

3. Having good base layers under your clothing is essential for year-round training. You can buy base layer garments for your whole body, from short or long-sleeved tops, trousers or shorts and long socks. With sets for both cold and hot weather, this layer is worn close to the skin, providing thermal protection or moisture absorption, all with an antibacterial finish, keeping you healthy as well as comfortable. With flat seams so you don’t get any rubbing, you can be prepared for all weathers, keeping a balanced body temperature all year round.

4. Years ago, players used electrical tape to keep their socks up and shin guards in place, but this kind of tape was uncomfortable and therefore unhealthy for blood flow. Today, specially designed sock tape is available that expands and stretches with your muscles whilst keeping your gear in place. In a variety of colours, the tape has been developed especially for professionals, and is now becoming a must-have in ultimate player equipment and support.

5. Keeping your football equipment in good condition while traveling is important both in presentation and also in getting the most out of the life of each piece. Many football bags come with different compartments for your boots and wet gear. Football bags are usually spacious, so that none of your protective equipment gets squashed or misshapen.

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