Nice Rack – Keep Your Gear Ready for Game Day

Comparing today’s football helmets and shoulder pads with those used a couple decades ago would be like comparing a Corvette to a Ford Focus station wagon.  The same goes for the price tags.  Today’s equipment was born from hundreds if not thousands of hours of research.  Research in developing the chemicals to make the new materials that keep pads light yet effective.  Research to determine the best way to protect the human body on impact.  Scientists have studied brain trauma and bone trauma to design helmets and pads that keep players safe on the field.  The bio mechanics and chemistry involved in today’s football gear is out of this world.  Unfortunately someone has to pay for all this R & D.  With modern technology came modern prices and today’s helmets and shoulder pads can be very expensive which brings me to the topic of this article.

What you need to protect your investment is a nice rack-  we’re talkin’ about helmet and shoulder pad racks.  Using a good quality, professional designed and constructed should pad or helmet rack helps you fight your equipments 2 worst enemies… moisture and gravity.  Well gravity really only effects your shoulder pads.

While your celebrating the defeat of your opponent on the field the moisture left behind by sweat starts to take it’s toll on your gear.  Gear racks are designed to keep air flow so your shoulder pads and helmets dry faster.  This in turn keeps them cleaner longer, smelling a little nicer and lasting a little longer.

In the case of shoulder pads using a well designed rack should assist in making the pads keep their shape.  Some shoulder pads have metal inside the shoulder area to help them keep their shape.  Overtime if the pads are stuffed into lockers or left sitting on the floor they will spread apart due to the force of gravity alone.  A shoulder pad rack helps pads keep their shape.

As an added bonus shoulder pad and helmet racks keep your equipment organized and allow for easy transport of all your shoulder pads and helmets from equipment room to locker room.  You can even purchase a combination rack that holds both helmets and shoulder pads.  You can take these models right out on the field with you if needed during practices.  Use them to reduce player fatigue and the chance of heat stress by allowing players to removed pads and helmet during exercise portions of practices.

So where do you find a nice rack?  I’ve done the shopping around for you.  You can find a great selection of helmet and shoulder pad racks at great prices here…  Shoulder Pad Racks and Helmet Racks for Football.  These racks are made right here in the USA too.  So not only do you get a great rack at a great price but your supporting American workers.

You’ll also find football uniform hangers and football shoulder pad hangers.  Don’t forget that you can also use these racks for lacrosse helmets and shoulder pads too.

So stop letting your pads rot after every game and get organized.  Find a great football helmet rack or shoulder pad rack to help dry your gear and keep it ready for game day.

11 Years full time experience in the team sporting goods business. I grew up in the business though so it feels like I have 30 years experience. I am 4th generation at I write many articles about all athletic sports that pertain to team specific products and ideals. These are articles for players and coaches.

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