Off Road Safety Gear for Your Child

Your child’s life is precious to you. You have worked hard to get him/her where he/she is today. Some of you have worked two jobs, long hours, given your money, time and talents on the sports fields, cheer leading, football, soccer, Little League, basketball, and hockey, served as Scout Leaders, taught Sunday Schools, and supported school and parent organizations. This list does not touch the hours, sweat, tears and worry you have in this child. Now he has his first motorized vehicle. How can you protect him as he embraces “man and machine?” We can help you at  Your child’s safety is important to us.

Riding machines mastery becomes boy, girl against machine and elements. They are more than a fun toy. They are serious fun and must be treated as such. They are dangerous to your child’s life. If this machine is your passion or your child’s passion, get prepared with the best safety precautions out there.

The first thing to consider is your child’s head. Protect his head with a good sound quality DOT* Motocross helmet with a good fit.

How to find his size? Please use a cloth tape to take your measurement. It is better to have a helper do the measuring in order to get a more accurate measurement. The circumference of the head should be measured at a point approximately one inch above the eyebrows, or at whatever point gives the largest possible measurement. If you find that your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the smaller size. 

 A proper fitting DOT* helmet is critical to the comfort and enjoyment of your helmet. It also plays a critical role in the performance of your helmet in the event of a collision.

Never or wear a motorcycle, motocross helmet without making sure you have a proper snug fit (not too tight, and not too loose – just right!) There are several methods and tricks to size a motorcycle helmet. We recommend the following method:

A. Measure: Consult sizing chart for that brand. Different brands have different charts. 

B. Not too tight: Once you have the new motocross helmet in hand, put the helmet on by grasping the sides in each hand and pulling it on over your ears until you feel the top portion of the helmet touch. Check for the following red flags: A. The helmet immediately feels too tight. B. Your head does not touch the top of the motorcycle helmet. C. You can’t pull the helmet down over your ears. D. It’s painful in any way. If any of these apply, you probably need the next size larger.

C. Not too loose: Once you have found a helmet that feels comfortable and snug, you must make sure that it is not too loose. To do this, securely fasten the chin

strap, grasp the helmet chin bar or sides firmly with one hand and try to move the helmet from side to side and up and down. If the helmet slides on your skin and hair, it is too large. If your scalp and skin want to move with the helmet, the fit is about right.

D. Just Right: One final check. Reach back to the back of the helmet and try to rotate the helmet as far down and forward as possible. Then do the same as far backward as possible. If the helmet feels as if it might slide off in either direction, the helmet is either too big or the chin strap was not securely fastened.

Congratulations! If you passed these tests, you now have a properly fitting helmet that will maximize safety and minimize wind noise as well! Check out our sizing charts

The next thing to consider is your child’s eyes. Buy goggles. Protect your child’s eyes. We offer a free pair of goggles with each motocross youth helmet purchased. We feel that strongly about this safety feature. Goggles should have an adjustable strap, have an optical quality that promotes distortion free lens with slopes to reduce glare. Meet or exceeds Z87.1-68 requirements set forth by OSHA for safety.

 Another Important thing to consider is your child’s chest.  Chest protectors are a must to protect your child’s chest from limbs and flying rocks. We sell a quality line of chest protectors in today’s new light weight designs.  Check out our new fun site:  Our chest protectors are made of high impact resistant polycarbonante and provides a high level of comfort and protection. This chest protector shields against dirt and debris while off-road riding, which includes Motocross and ATVs. It will not protect against street riding impacts. Its shape conforms to a rider’s back, superior roost deflection, bio foam padded edges, quick adjustable arm guards, fully adjustable front and rear shoulder attachments for custom fitting, dual density shoulder padding, two piece back panel, and secure side release closure buckles.

Last and not least protect your child with a good machine. Be sure this is a fine tuned well running machine. No Matter your choice, dirt bike, ATV, Snowmobile, used, new or rented, make sure this machine has been checked out by a qualified mechanic.

You’ve done what you can. You have outfitted him in the best gear, You had the machine checked out. You gave him the rules you can live by and the consequences for the breaking of those rules. You’ve taught him to respect other’s property and ask before he rides on someone else’s land or woods. Now the challenge is to let him go try to master the machine. He can!

* DOT-Department of Transportation approved.

Jerry and Judy Morgan owners of Ageless Parlor Leather Company. (APLC) Family owned and family operated. We sell on line at

We have been selling Motorcycle riding Gear including helmets, leather jackets, chaps, vests and accessories on the Web and eBay for 11 years. We like to think we have some experience to help our motorcycle riders clients find good fitting leather clothing at reasonable prices. We work hard to get to know you and your motorcycle gear needs.

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