Personal protective equipment

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Safety helmet redirects here. Often, “safety helmet” specifically means a workman’s hard hat.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) refers to protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garment designed to protect the wearer’s body or clothing from injury by electrical hazards, heat, chemicals, and infection, for job-related occupational safety and health purposes, and in sports, martial arts, combat, etc. Personal armor is combat-specialized protective gear.
PPE can also be used to protect the working environment from pesticide application, pollution or infection from the worker (for example in a microchip factory).
The protection may be important in both ways, as with the use of disposable gloves by surgeons and dentists.
Protective clothing is also worn for contact sports, such as ice hockey and American football. Baseball players wear sliding shorts and a cup under their pants. See baseball clothing and equipment, goalie mask, jockstrap.
In British legislation the term PPE does not cover items such as armour.
Common protective materials include Nomex and Kevlar.
The terms “protective gear” and “protective clothing” are in many cases interchangeable; “protective clothing” is applied to traditional categories of clothing, and “gear” is a more general term and preferably means uniquely protective categories, such as pads, guards, shields, masks, etc.
For riding a motorcycle, protective headgear and eyegear are required by law in many countries.
Respiratory protection

Air-Purifying Respirator
Filter mask
Gas mask
Air-purifying respirator
Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, including scuba sets.
Protective headgear

a beekeeping hat, veil, and suit
See Helmet#Types of helmet
Some masks made of hard material like those used by goaltenders in ice hockey (a goalie mask) and catchers in baseball as protection against being struck in the face.
For gas masks and similar, see #Respiratory protection.
See Mask (disambiguation)
Eye protection

See Eye protection.
Hearing protection

ear defenders and visor on a safety helmet
Ear defenders
Other head/neck protection
Throat guard
Headguard (Head guard)
Boxing headgear
Armored/insulated hood
Association football headgear

Safety helmet with visor
Arm/shoulder protection
Shoulder pads
Forearm guard
Fist guard
Knuckle guard
Wrist guard
Elbow guard
Elbow pad
Boxing tape, handwrap gauze

nitrile glove
Hand protection
Gloves are available to protect against:
Chemicals, contamination and infection (e.g. disposable latex/vinyl/nitrile gloves)
Electricity, when voltage is too high
Extremes of temperature (e.g. oven gloves, welder’s gloves)
Mechanical hazards (e.g. rigger gloves, chainmail gloves)
Lacerations and other wounds from sharp objects
Baseball glove
Belay gloves
Cycling gloves
Falconry gloves
Gymnastics grips
Hand guards
Hand/wrist wraps
Hockey glove
Wicket-keeper’s gloves
Body protection
Also see #Protective garments
Athletic supporter/protective cup
Chestguard (Chest guard, Hogu)
Rib guard
Abdomen guard (cricket box)
Leg/hip protection
Foot guard
Hip pads (Hip pad)
Knee pads
Instep guard/instep protector
Shin guard (shin guards)
Combined knee-shin guards
Padded shorts
Bouldering mat
Chaps are individual pant leggings made of leather and worn by farriers, cowboys, and rodeo contestants to protect the legs from contact with hooves, thorny undergrowth, and other such work hazards. May also be made of other materials for leg protection against other hazards, such as “rain chaps” of waterproof materials, or “saw chaps” of Kevlar for chainsaw workers.

Protective garments
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