Tackling harder in Aussie Rules Football or Ruby 7s?

Since I have a unique medical condition, I need to be aware of contact sports. The only aspect I do not like about the ARF is that you cannot wear any protective gear or its not look upon well.
This spring or summer 2009 I need to decide soon on what sport is a better fit for me. I spend one year playing aussie rules football and the coach seemed to not play be because of my medical condition.
I can keep up with the best players on the team and those players are all-stars. Their are more rugby 7s clubs here in colorado than aussie rules clubs. I am probably will be playing ice hockey after the summer and rugby gives a more opportunity to practice keeping offside or passing.
I played aussie rules but the coach was making a big deal because of my condition. I never said I cannot do the sport he is just being a little stupid and boyish. I can take a tackle but depends on where and hard. At least rugby 7s you know when you will be tackled and you can still release the ball without a ruck or maul. I do not like being invouled scrum or maul especially in rugby. I have until may to make a decision to stay with aussie rules football or not. Overall at least you can see someone tackling you in rugby not blind side you like in footy.
at least I have more teams to play against and for in rugby 7s than aussie rules?
At Least rugby has protective gear used in games. Aussie rules does not and they do not encourage it. Even with a slight harder tackle I have some protection instead of none. Again will not be invovled with mauls, ruck and scrums in rugby 7s.

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